Best Work by an Emerging Photographer | Nominee

Angelo Leonardo

Taranto / IT

Le Monde Ou Rien


"Le Monde Ou Rien" is a journey through the daily life of young people who live in the suburbs of Milan.

The Italians of tomorrow, children of immigrants from all over the world, grow up in neighbourhoods on the edge of the richest city in Italy.

Quarto Oggiaro, San Siro, La Trecca, Cinisello Balsamo, Barona are just some of the many neighborhoods that exist in a dimension parallel to the city that hosts them.

Moving from one place to the other, I noticed how the iconography and everyday issues are perpetually repeated throughout the territory.

The days are spent in the neighbourhood dressed in overalls and shoulder bags, with phones in hand, sitting on the benches, in the parks.

The ring road, the road that traces the boundary of the city centre, becomes the line that separate two worlds. The process of self-representation is scrupulous, attentive. They are eclectic, performative personalities.


Leonardo Angelo.
Language skills: Italian, English, Spanish.


  • 2023: Winner of the educational Open Call of Magnum Photos X Armani. Selected for a free workshop with Alex Majoli.
  • 2022: Light tech for Andrea Farzetta and Enrico Rassu.
  • 2019/2021: Two years assistant photographer at Cesura for Luca Santese.
  • 2020: Master of Reportage with Alfredo Bosco and Alessandro Grassani at John Kaverdash.
  • 2020 : Winner of a scholarship for the Master of Professional Photography at the John Kaverdash Photography Academy, Milan (MI).
  • 2019: Workshop at the Witness Journal on photojournalism by Fausto Podavini.
  • 2019: Degree in Comparative Transactional Law at the University of Trento (TN).
  • 2018: Erasmus+ at Universidad del Paìs Vasco (San Sebastián, ESP).
  • 2012: Graduated at Liceo Classico Quinto Ennio (TA).


  • I-D
  • Icon magazine
  • InCf magazine
  • Perimetro
  • VD News