Sustainability | Winner

Simone Tramonte

Roma / IT

New ways to the future


Climate change is the greatest threat world is facing.The challenge ahead must lead us to change our perspective by redesigning an humanity no longer separate from its ecosystem, but one with the planet it inhabits.

The EU has set itself targets to cut emissions at least 55% by 2030 and reduce them to net-zero by 2050. Renewable energies, new technologies for food production, and the circular economy are key solutions for achieving the Green Deal goals.

Many revolutionary seeds have been planted across Europe to make the future sustainable for the next generations. The net-zero transition has already started and is set to be the next industrial revolution. These innovative technologies lead the way towards climate neutrality, inspiring a virtuous model that will generate a new sustainable cycle of life.


Simone Tramonte is an Italian photographer focused on documenting social and environmental contemporary issues. After obtaining a degree in Economics, he decided to follow his passion for photography and started a freelance career based on a combination of self-produced projects and assignments. Lately, his interest focuses on analysing the relations between people and the environment and aims at documenting how innovative technologies can shape them towards a more sustainable future.

The first chapter “Net-Zero Transition” was awarded the 1st prize in the Environmental category of Sony World Photography Awards 2021 and it has been exhibited at COP26 in Glasgow.

During the last year, the “Net-Zero Transition” documentation work has brought him to explore the most relevant green technologies recently deployed in Europe, giving a vision of the new ways to a sustainable future. This series has been awarded in 2022 at PoYi - Pictures of the Year International, one of the most prestigious international competitions for photojournalism, it has won the Environmental Photographer of the Year 2022 and it has been exhibited at Visa pour l'image 2022 during Perpignan Festival.

His works are regularly published in international magazines such as National Geographic, CNN, The Guardian, GEO, Der Spiegel, Wired, Internazionale, Politico, L'Espresso.

His photographs have also been exhibited in various international photography events.