German Peace Prize for Photography | Nominiert

Yagazie Emezi

Lagos / NG

Another Tale By Moonlight


Another Tale by Moonlight is a reimagination of European fairy tales that juxtaposes historical, cultural, environmental and contemporary socio-political realities of Nigeria. This series illuminates obscured narratives and the intertwined moral complexities of both cultures while expanding on what visual storytelling is and can be when pushed beyond Western standards. My identity as an Igbo woman, the intricate and complex tapestry of my history and returning to both these early European fables and the traditions of “Tales by Moonlight” is a personal unpacking of my -- and my country’s -- histories. Another Tale By Moonlight addresses the issues and struggles of our past, present and looming future by exploring the ways in which these conflicts, reframed visually, can speak truth to power and action. 



  • 2023 New Photography 2023, The Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA (May, 2023)
  • 2022 The New Black Vanguard, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
  • 2022 Dakar Biennale, Dakar, Senegal
  • 2021 Self-Addressed, Curated by Kehinde Wiley, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, LA, USA
  • 2021 The Rising Exhibition, Alara, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 2021 Ideologies, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2021 I am Not a Goddess ... Unless I Say I am, Amar Singh Gallery
  • 2020 Just Pictures, Projects + Gallery, Saint Louis, USA
  • 2019  African Biennale of Photography, Bamako, Mali
  • 2019 The Female Lens, Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York
  • 2019 Relearning Bodies, Hamwe Festival, Kigali, Rwanda (solo show)
  • 2019 HERE, Alliance Francais, Lagos, Nigeria (solo show)
  • 2018 Present and Forgotten, Vlisco&Co, Art Twenty One, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 2018 Festival Pil’ours, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France
  • 2017 Insider/Outsider, Women Photograph Photoville, NYC
  • 2017 Body Talk, Refinery29 Photoville, NYC


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