Portrait | Nominee

Dominik Asbach

Duisburg / DE

Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria


The Ruhr area is a polycentric urban area in Germany with a big working class tradition. As demand for coal decreased after 1958, the area went through phases of structural crisis and industrial diversification. 
The people living there are very unique and far away from mainstream. My work is a homage to the Ruhr area of bygone times, it is the eldorado of my childhood and youth. The Ruhr area is not only my home, it is also my playground, my living room. I got people in front of the camera who are real guys and who portray themselves as a kind of "colorful bird" in their lives. I try to turn my protagonists into main actors - and I have portrayed them as faithfully as possible: with all their consistency and authenticity - that is very important to me.


Dominik Asbach
1972 born in Essen
1996-2002 Studied Photography at FH Dortmund
Since 2000 Freelance Photographer


11FREUNDE. Abenteuer&Reisen. AD. ADC. anders handeln. Annabelle. BARBARA. bella. Brigitte. Brigitte Woman. Bunte. Capital. Chrismon. DMeuro. Donna. emotion. Eltern. Eltern Family. enorm. FAZ. FHM. flow. fluter. Focus. der Freitag. freundin. Für Sie. Galore. Geolino. Glamour. GQ. Handelsblatt. Happinez. healthy living. Heimatdesign. Hirschhausens Gesund Leben. Hygge. Impulse. jetzt:. l`observateur. Lufthansa Magazin. Manager Magazin. Maxi. Meins. Merian. MiniMagazin. MOM. Musikexpress. Myself. National Geographic. natur. NEON. New York Times. NIDO. Natur. NZZ. NZZ Folio. Playboy. Plus Magazin. Repubblica. Slanted. Society. So Foot. Spiegel. Stern. SZ Magazin. Tagesanzeiger. TAZ. the New Yorker. Tina. VIEW. Vital. WDR. Welt am Sonntag. Weltwoche. Wired. Wirtschaftswoche. WOZ. die Zeit. Zeit Campus. Zeit Magazin.


  • 2010 „Über Tage“ Kunstmuseum Mülheim, Katalog
  • 2013 „Concrete Poetry“ Kunstmuseum Bochum, Katalog
  • 2014 „Mahlzeit, Deutschland“ Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel
  • 2015 „Green City“ Ludwiggalerie Schloß Oberhausen, Katalog
  • 2018 „Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!“ Ludwiggalerie Schloß Oberhausen
  • 2022 „Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria“ Leica Galerie Zingsts

Awards / Grants:

  • 2001 Shortlist Marinne-Brandt-Preis
  • 2005 Gewinner Bridges Fotopreis – Emscher Genossenschaft
  • 2008 Gewinner Bridges Fotopreis – Emscher Genossenschaft
  • 2017 Preis Vario – Fotoaward
  • 2019 Shortlist GoSee - Fotoaward
  • 2021 VG Bild-Kunst Stipendium