Terms and conditions of entry for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017

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Last updated: 5/12/2016

Disclaimer: Every care has been taken to ensure that this is a faithful translation of the German original. However, please note that only the German Competition Rules are legally binding on all parties.

1.) The competition

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is promoted by Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG (the “promoter”) and aims to foster high-quality photography and contemporary photographic design.

The competition comprises five themed categories and the Emerging Photographer category, which has no specific theme.

2.) Entrants

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is aimed at two groups of entrants:

2.1.1. Professional photographers:
All professional photographers, photographic designers and artists who earn the majority of their livelihood (more than 50%) with photography or film creation. The promoter has the right to ask entrants to provide evidence that they work in the field of photography. If such evidence cannot be provided, the promoter reserves the right to exclude the works in question. Entrants in this group may only submit work in the competition’s five themed categories. They are not allowed to submit work for the Emerging Photographer Award.

2.1.2. Emerging photographers:
All photographers who are currently studying for a degree or undergoing professional training, as well as photographic assistants. Entrants in this category are required to supply appropriate evidence of their status when submitting work (certificate of study, training contract; photographic assistants need to have their occupational status confirmed by at least one professional photographer for whom they work as a photographic assistant). Emerging photographers in the sense of the competition applies to those photographers whose studies, professional training or employment as a photographic assistant lie no more than a maximum of six months before the date of their submission and do not yet fulfil the preconditions stated for professional photographers and film (please refer to item 2.1.1.) Emerging photographers may only submit their work in the general Emerging Photographer category. The decisive criterion is whether entrants can be classed as emerging photographers as defined above at the time they submit their entries. Emerging photographers may not enter in any of the five themed categories of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award.

This competition is only open to natural persons.

This competition is not open to legal persons such as companies, associations or clubs.

In all categories, work can be submitted by individual photographers or teams of photographers. In the event of work being submitted by a team of photographers, each team member must fulfil the relevant eligibility requirements (see item 2.1.). The team must then name one member to act as a contact person and contractual counterparty to the promoter. The named person certifies that all team members agree both to participate in the competition and to these terms and conditions. The named person is also liable to the promoter for any breaches of copyright and usage rights (see also section 9 ‘Copyright and Usage Rights’) and is responsible for distributing any cash or non-cash prizes amongst the team of photographers. Upon the team’s entry to the competition, the promoter is expressly released from any responsibility for distributing cash or non-cash prizes amongst the members of the team of photographers.

Series published for the first time in identical form and content longer than two years before the date of submission may not be entered in the competition.

Employees of the Felix Schoeller Group and all its subsidiaries worldwide and their immediate family members may not enter the competition. Similarly, members of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award jury and their immediate family are also not eligible to enter.

Entry to the Felix Schoeller Photo Award is free of charge. No entry fees are payable.

3.) Categories

The competition comprises five themed categories and the general Emerging Photographer Award category.

Descriptions of the themed categories: These are only open to professional photographers (see also 2.1.1. and 2.1.2.)

3.2.1. Portrait
This category includes all portrayals of the human form, ranging from full-body studies to photographs of the face and close-ups.

3.2.2. Landscape/Nature
This category includes all images that capture the fascination of nature.

3.2.3. Architecture/Industry
This category covers all subjects from the field of architecture, from collections of buildings through to individual buildings, as well as shots of industrial premises and machinery.

3.2.4 Photojournalism/Editorial Photography
This category covers work in which photographs are used to tell stories or document facts in an unusual way. The work’s subject matter must be journalistically relevant.

3.2.5. Free Choice/Conceptual Photography
In this category, photographers are free to submit creative work that they feel does not belong in any of the other categories.

3.3. Description of the Emerging Photographer Award:
This is only open to emerging photographers (see 2.1.1. and 2.1.2.)
The Emerging Photographer category is designed to promote creative young photographers. This category is not subject to any thematic restrictions.

Every entry to the Felix Schoeller Photo Award must consist of no less than three and no more than five individual photographs. These may form a series or be unrelated individual photos. The images must follow a concept and demonstrate how the entrant has approached the photographic subject area. A concept outline is part of the entry. It must be submitted in either German or English and may not exceed the maximum length of 1,000 characters.

Professional photographers may only submit work in the five themed categories (see 2.1.1.). The Emerging Photographer category is only open to emerging photographers (see 2.1.2.).

Professional photographers are allowed to submit work in all themed categories. Entrants are therefore permitted to submit multiple entries, although each entry must contain at least the minimum number of individual images and not exceed the maximum number (see also item 3.4, sentence 1). Only one submission per category is permitted, and the same submission may not be entered in more than one themed category.

The Felix Schoeller Group reserves the right to reject photos that contravene legal regulations in any way. That includes

  • Pornographic photographs
  • Photographs that could offend religious sensibilities
  • Photographs depicting children in an indecent way
  • Photographs that trivialise or glorify violence, cruelty to animals, substance abuse or criminal behaviour

4.) Jury

An independent jury of five professionals will select the winners from the entries submitted.

The jury combines expertise from the world of photography/photographic design, editorial photography, photojournalism, museums/galleries and academia. Profiles of the jurors in this year’s Felix Schoeller Photo Award will be made available at www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com in the section entitled ‘Jury’. In the event of individual jury members being unable to attend, the promoter reserves the right to replace them at short notice with other suitable persons.

The Felix Schoeller Group will not be represented on the jury.

The jury’s decision is final. There is no right of appeal.

The jury will judge entries on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Composition
  • Conceptual strength
  • Technical perfection

5.) Prizes/awards

5.1. Selecting the winners

5.1.1. Shortlist

  • In the first stage of the process, the jury views all submissions in digital form and draws up a digital shortlist. When the jury begins its deliberations at a later date, the winners and nominated entries will be selected from the submissions on this shortlist.

5.1.2. Jury deliberations

  • The second stage will see the jury nominate a maximum of five submissions per category.
  • In a third stage, the jury will then select the winners of each individual category from the nominated entries.
  • Finally, the jury will select one of the themed category winners as Best of Show. This entry will receive the Felix Schoeller Photo Award in Gold.
  • The winning entry in the Emerging Photographer category will receive the Felix Schoeller Emerging Photographer Award.

The prizes connected with the Felix Schoeller Photo Award amount to a total value of €25,000.00. The breakdown of prizes is as follows:

  • All entrants whose work is nominated will receive a certificate and their nominated work will be published (see 6.1. and 6.2.).
  • The winners of the themed categories will each receive prize money of €2,000.00.
  • The overall competition winner (Best of Show) will also receive the Felix Schoeller Photo Award in Gold. The prize money for this is an additional €10,000.00.
  • The winner in the category Best Emerging Photographer will receive the Felix Schoeller Emerging Photographer Award. This prize will comprise cash or professional photographic products to a total value of € 5,000.

6.) Publication

The winning and nominated entries from all categories will be published in the image gallery on the Felix Schoeller Photo Award website (www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com).

The winning and nominated entries from all categories will also be presented to a wide audience in a photo exhibition.

The promoter is entitled, but not obliged, to produce documentation of the award for internal and external purposes, particularly for PR purposes, and also to publish a book documenting the history of the award or a high-quality photo calendar, both of which would contain a selection of shortlisted entries. A selection of shortlisted entries will also be used in the design of the award website (www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com).

Finally, the winning entries and those nominated – or a selection thereof – will be published in the national and international trade press and appropriate professional forums and blogs, as well as on social media. Entrants consent to the publication of their first name and surname in all the media mentioned.

Whenever content relating to the Felix Schoeller Photo Award is published by the Felix Schoeller Group and/or individual members of the Group, entrants will be mentioned by their first names and surnames. In the event of entries submitted by teams of photographers, all team members named by the entrant on the entry form will be listed by first name and surname as joint authors, irrespective of the nature and extent of their involvement. The promoter will always strive to place the name(s) of the author(s) next to the appropriate image.

Whenever content is published by the trade press and/or other media, the name(s) of the entrant(s) (see 6.5.) will be passed on to the media in question with the stipulation that these name(s) be published (see also 9.5 ‘Copyright and usage rights’). The promoter accepts no liability whatsoever towards the entrant(s) in this respect

7.) Submission period

Entries for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017 can be submitted from 1 January 2017. The closing date for entries is midnight (CET) on 31 May 2017.

8.) Technical requirements

Entrants must complete the online entry form, which can be found under “Submission” at www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com. All fields marked as compulsory must have been filled in and the terms and conditions of entry accepted. The entrant must provide a valid email address. In order to check the validity of the email address provided, the user will receive a confirmation email with an activation link (opt-in). Once they have clicked on this activation link, the user will be guided through the rest of the entry process.

A minimum of three and a maximum of five individual photos must be uploaded for each entry. These can be unrelated individual photos or form a series (see also 3.4.).

All entries must be submitted digitally irrespective of capture format.

We will only accept highest-resolution JPEG or TIFF format files with LZW lossless compression and without additional layers. The files must be at least 4,000 pixels high or wide and smaller than 50 MB.

In its deliberations, the jury will use high-quality A3 printouts to assess the shortlisted works (see also 5.1.1. and 5.1.2.). These printouts will be produced by the Felix Schoeller Group. Please optimise your submissions for this print format.

Prints of up to about 70 x 90 cm will be produced for the purpose of exhibiting the winning entries (category winners and Best of Show). Prizewinners will therefore be asked to supply files of a sufficiently high resolution prior to the exhibition. Entrants agree to supply these files to the best of their ability in the event of their work being named as a category winner.

Following their intended usage, the prints produced for the jury deliberations and the exhibition (see 8.3.2. and 8.3.3.) will remain in the possession of the promoter for the purpose of documenting the history of the award. Entrants are not entitled to demand that prints of their work are returned.

For the upload function to work properly, you need an Internet browser that supports HTML5 and that has JavaScript activated/enabled. If your browser does not meet these criteria, you will receive an error message when you try to submit your work. This error message will contain a link allowing you to update all commonly used browsers free of charge. You can also click this link now for a free update: http://www.browser-update.org/en/update.html - 5

9.) Copyright and usage rights

By entering the competition, entrants certify that they are the sole authors of the entries submitted for the competition, that they are free to do as they wish with the work and the rights to use it, and that the entries are not subject to the rights of third parties. In the event of entries submitted by a team of photographers, one person must be named at the time of submission as a contact person and contractual counterparty to the promoter. This person is then to name (by first name and surname) the remaining members of the team when submitting the entry. The information required on the entry form must also be provided in full for team entries (see also 2.4. and 6.5.). In this instance, item 9.1, sentence 1, applies with the proviso that, instead of sole authorship, entrants certify that the members of the team are the sole (joint) authors of the work submitted.

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that any individuals depicted, as well as the holders of rights to any depicted works of fine or applied art and the authors of any images that have been edited or reconfigured to create the competition entry, have given their explicit permission for these images to be published and used – including for publicity purposes as part of this competition – in a verifiable form and that they are able to provide proof of this on request

Entrants are liable for any damages caused to the promoter of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award and/or any publishing media (see also 6.4. and 6.6.) ensuing from the fact that the required consent of third parties had not been obtained or from the use of the work clashing with other rights of third parties. The entrant indemnifies the promoter and/or publishing media from all claims, including claims for compensation, prosecution costs, legal fees and court costs, that third parties may assert against the promoter and/or publishing media on the grounds of infringement of their rights. The entrant agrees to support the promoter and/or publishing media in the event of a claim of this kind being asserted by third parties, especially by providing any information needed for the promoter’s/publishing media’s defence.

By entering the competition, the entrant grants the promoter the usage rights required for the purposes set out under section 6 (‘Publication’) and under items 8.3.2. and 8.3.3. The entrant is not entitled to claim royalties for usage of this nature.

The entrant expressly permits the promoter to disclose the image data contained in their submitted work to third parties authorised by the promoter (agencies, service providers such as printers, etc.) for the purposes set out in section 6 (‘Publication’) and the purposes set out in items 8.3.2. and 8.3.3., and to the media for publications connected with the Felix Schoeller Photo Award.

The promoter is aware of the fact that they may only use the photos in a way that goes beyond the usage rights granted here on the condition that they obtain the express permission of the entrant and, if necessary, pay customary and appropriate licence fees. These fees are to be agreed separately with the entrant.
All rights not affected by items 9.4. and 9.5. are reserved by the entrant.

Entrants may – independently of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award – also submit their work in other competitions or market it freely, provided these terms and conditions are not breached.